Sunday, April 24, 2016


Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Like my father's come to pass
Seven years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Ring out the bells again
Like we did when spring began
Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Like my father's come to pass
Twenty years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends
As performed by: Green Day
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong

Meaning: This song was written by the lead vocalist of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong. This song is telling the listener about his father who died when he was 10. His father died because of cancer. His father died at September 1, 1982. At his funeral, he was so sad that he cried, ran, and then locked himself in his room. When his mother came home and knocked on his door, he simply said "Wake me up when September ends."

Moral Lesson: You won't know how valuable someone/something is until they/it is gone.

Message: There are several hidden messages in this song, like in the line: "Seven years has gone so fast" is reference to Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt's band Sweet Children (Which will morph to Green Day). The Music Video of this song is about a couple and the man is a soldier who will fight in the Iraq War.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

Education is something that is important for us all. Education will or can improve the future of humankind if it has a great quality. With education, people can imagine, people can make something that would be an idea for the future. To educate is indeed something that is important to be worked by the government because the future of the country itself is being held by those who are young.
From my point, an ideal education is something that doesn’t make the student think that it was hard. Ideal education means that both of the teacher and the students tolerate each other and correct each other. The teacher should make the student feel like they were doing something right. The student should be able to say their opinion about something and comment about the things that they had been taught.
In Indonesia, the students were forced to learn some of the lessons that, in my opinion, won’t really be important for their future. And also, there are tons of lessons in one day. They study from day to dawn because of those lots of lessons. Some even can study from day to night because of extra lessons, or something that they think is needed for them to support their grades at their school. There is also a lot of homework that is really affecting our grades. It was really annoying for a student to do homework for nothing, and we somehow get that a lot.
The Government has done a lot of ways to fix this new curriculum. But from my source, I would say that they failed because they stopped this new curriculum and we the student had to go back to our old curriculum according to my source. From now on, our curriculum isn’t really clear by the government. But there are some things that make this new curriculum unique. We can speak our mind to the teacher if we think that they are wrong. Some even will give us an extra grade for asking a question or answering a question.

I suggest that to make a better education for everyone the government just needs to fix their new curriculum. It is better for them to understand what a student really need. In Indonesia, we usually sleep late because of homework and because there are some test/exam for tomorrow. And also, to make a better future for us all, the government will have to put a lot of effort for the future of the country. I would say that the government should prepare for the future after students graduated from schools, because searching for a job isn’t really easy for anyone who just graduated. I would hope that the government can make this new curriculum better.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Holiday at Singapore

After I had given my report about my first semester, I had a holiday for 3 weeks. It is quite a long holiday, I think. The next day I went to the Husein Sastranegara Airport to go to Singapore. I stayed at Singapore for about.. maybe 5 days. The airplane take off at 4 P.M. but I arrived at the airport at 3.30 P.M. I think. So before we board the airplane, we ate a food at a restaurant in there. After a long time of waiting, we can board the airplane now.

We Arrived at Singapore at 6 P.M. in Singapore's time. Before we check in the hotel, we went out to eat something. Well, after that we checked in and rest. The next day, we went out to some mall in there to.. you know, buy something, shopping, and.. everything else. Oh, I almost forgot, we stayed at the Royal Plaza on Scott. The hotel was in the strategic place, there are a lot of mall surrounding it.
At first we went to Takashimaya, there were a lot of food in the food court, and an exhibition that shows a lot of toy in there.

Next, we went to the Ion Orchard. Well there is nothing really special in there, just some shops that sells clothes or yea also some restaurant. The next mall that I visited has an exhibition of electronic games, tools, and everything else. There were a lot of game disc for PS4, Xbox One, and also PS3. There is a PS4 and Xbox One that you can try too. In that exhibition I bought a new keyboard for my computer. The keyboard was from Logitech. It was Logitech G105. Well I was really happy back then.

The next day is the one that is well.. kind of special, I think. Why? Because we visited Universal Studios back then. There were a lot of rides in there, and the park itself is really big. Probably I could get lost in there.
The next day is that we  visited the Legoland in Johor. It was a long journey from Singapore to Johor. We had to bring our passport to cross go to Johor. And it was complicated. I got asked a lot of question because the passport picture in there was really different from me now.

At the last day we didn't really go anywhere. We rushed to the Airport because we didn't want to lose our plane. But the airport of Singapore was really big, comfy and of course, clean. There were a lot of shops too, and a food court. I guess that's all. But there were actually a lot of stories after I went to the Singapore. I guess I'll save it for later.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Why did I recommend ciwalk?
It's because ciwalk is a vast mall, and there are a lot of shops there. There were like some restaurant, some distro, a dvd shop, and a lot of more. The outdoor view of ciwalk are decorated by a lot of trees, So I would like to say it was "green". One of the restaurant that is famous is Bakmi GM. And of course it sells noodles.

Bakmi GM is not really an old restaurant in there, it was built in the year of 2014 or 2015, maybe. But Bakmi GM was always full of people in there. It was always crowded. And if I want to eat there, usually I need to sign my name in the waiting list. And of course, a lot of waiting. I think that the noodles in there are special, it has some kind of a special taste, different than any ohter.
There are also a some kind of "distro" in ciwalk that sells clothes, and some other shops. But actually, my favourite shop is the dvd shop indoor. It sells dvds, cds, blu-rays, and also my favourite, video games. Kinda expensive but it's okay, I think.

I think that's it, that's the reason why I choose ciwalk.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beauty And The Beast

A merchant asks his daughters what he may bring them from his travels; the elder two daughters ask for jewelry, but the youngest, Bella, replies that all she really wants for her papa to return safely.  Upon her father's request for her to name a gift, she also asks for a rose. 
On the father's return journey, he stops to cut a rose from a beautiful garden, but a horrible Beast stops him. The beast tells the father that the penalty for stealing is death, but he makes a bargain with the merchant for his youngest daughter to come and live with him instead.

The daughter dutifully joins the beast at his enchanted house where all her needs and wants are met by simply clapping and asking for the object of her desire.  She and the Beast become friends over time, until one day when she finds the beast huddled in the garden.  Fearing his death, Bella cries out that she loves him, and the magical spell reverses, leaving a handsome prince where once lay the horrible form of the beast.  Bella and the prince are married and live happily ever after.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Crossword Puzzle

3the natural satellite of earth.
4Opposite Of Large.
5by word of mouth, spoken not written.
10A feeling to someone special.
16Where to store raw materials or stuff.
17the front part a person's head.
18Constituting Number Nine in a Sequence.
21Opposite of buying
22a female child.
23No clothes on.
26a quick sharp blow by a fist.
27the past tense of Meet.

1a physical structure of a person.
2Opposite Of Out.
4Opposite Of Give.
6talk wildly or incoherently.
7to put a load or large amount of something on or in
8No money.
9a male homosexual(Offensive Language)
12the female ruler of an independent state.
13a large German dirigible airship
14a small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired.
15Sexual Activity.
19a novel by Stephen King
20Opposite Of Out
21protein derived from soybeans
22an airlike fluid substance
24A female sheep.
25What animal is tom in tom and jerry?
27no sound.
By: Kemal Muhammad Nazib, Muhammad Rafi Pradana, And M. Rafif R.

My School Life (Extracurricular)

Hello there. So I am going to tell you about my extracurricular. I took BC (Badminton) for my extracurricular. Actually I wanted to join SEF but I think there a lot of  meeting for the extracurricular.

I joined BC because I need to work out a little and also I liked to play it. There haven't any meeting on badminton so.. we haven't done a lot of things. Last Saturday there is a meeting, but I can't attend because I'm too tired to play one game. Maybe next Saturday or maybe later I will attend the meeting.

I didn't join SEF because I'm not really good at English and also it's because I think there are a lot of meeting. And I don't know if that meeting will affect my grades or something. But yea at first I wanted to join it, I am still thinking about it now.

But yea I actually only I joined 1 extracurricular. But BC is cool, I think. I really enjoy playing with badminton with my friends and stuff. Although I don't really like sport, but.. yea.. I like to play badminton.

But Last Saturday I didn't go to bc because there is Rindam. It was tiring, 3 days at rindam was really really tiring because we were asked to do everything from A to Z. In Rindam, we need to be really disciple because well... that's the point of Rindam. And personally, I don't really enjoy Rindam. I guess that's all about my school life.